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Wolfenstein 3D – an adventure game review

Wolfenstein is an Intense First Person Shooter developed by id Software and released in 1995 by id Soft and Apogee Software. In Wolfenstein 3D, the player takes on the role of William “BJ”, Blazkowicz, who escapes from a Nazi prison castle and carries out a number of important missions against the evil Nazis. The action of the game takes place during World War II, when the German Nazi regime is threatening to attack America to prevent an invasion of Europe. The game takes place in BJ’s hometown, which has just been liberated after being promised protection from the Americans, but soon finds himself embroiled in a fierce battle against the Nazis, and his mission becomes more complex than ever. Along the way, he is faced with a gang of Nazi prisoners, as well as the guards of the castle, who have become his enemies.

Id Software, the creators of Wolfenstein and other popular action games, used two unique features in the game that form the basis of their success. The game engine was based on the pen and paper novel format, and used texturing and particle effects that were popular at the time and are still popular today. The audio had already been upgraded to much better quality with the introduction of the Wolfenstein 3D episodes, and featured a high-scoring music system that complemented the action and sound effects fairly well. Wolfenstein allowed players to choose from a variety of weapons and weapons, including fully automatic weapons as well as more traditional small arms and explosives.

Wolfenstein allowed players to develop their character according to their own desires and aspirations. They could become a doctor or soldier, wizard or witch, robot or human. The possibilities of creating characters in Wolfenstein were limited only by their imagination and a certain amount of patience. Wolfenstein was one of the first computer games to feature an extensive level editor that allowed the user to design levels that were custom-designed and submitted to the game for approval. Today there are over 80 episodes of Wolfenstein that you can play.




Wolfenstein for Windows
  • Windows XP
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  • English,
  • Italian
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Friday, August 27, 2021
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