Rename Expert 5.28.1

Rename the expert is a great and lightweight Windows application that will help you batch rename files with various preset actions. It includes a set of well-organized tools and additional features that allow for easy use of the tool.

Easily make changes and restore them

If you want to rename multiple files at once, you need a way to automate this. One of the best ways to do this is to bulk rename the files in question. This is exactly what Rename the expert does – helps you to bulk rename files using very versatile and different tools.

At any time, if you are not satisfied with the changes or want to undo them, you can do so. You can just restore your files and use the old settings instead.

To select the files you want to rename, you will be able to select them with quick access to your files and folders. Or you can just drag and drop files to the interface you want to rename and then make changes.

The handling is very simple and easy, but if at any point you feel stuck, you can simply refer to the instructions that came with the app.

Various preset functions

To make your work even easier, you will have several ready-made functions at your disposal. You can customize different parts of the renaming process with these functions like replace, insert, move, replace, delete and change case.

Additionally, you will be able to make changes to file extensions and related settings. You can rename CSV files and numbers. You can also easily copy and move files, set file attributes, encrypt or decrypt files, view the changes you have made, and check those files for any potential mistakes you may have made.

And with command line parameters, you can set various parameters and filters to view your organized files easily. You can sort these subfolders according to these criteria and easily activate the detailed preview mode. This way you will be able to see additional information about each file you own.


There are also additional configuration settings and options that you can use to make the experience more complete.

For example, you can choose to remove empty folders after moving files from them, automatically start processes execution, read metadata, apply various filters, and manage extensions such as XML, HTML, LOG, and more. You can also delete the log after a certain period of time, create exclusion lists and use additional plugins.


Rename the expert is a lightweight and simple application that allows you to batch rename files using various additional tools (replace, insert, move, replace, delete and change case) and use these settings at a later date.

Final version:
File name:
rename expert_ setup.exe
MD5 checksum:
File size:
11.32 MB
Supported operating system
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Gillmeister software

January 13, 2022 – Demo – 100% safe

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