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Free music manager for PC

MusicBee it free music player which is compatible with Android devices and Microsoft Windows PC. MusicBee is a comprehensive software that includes images, texts and music in the user interface.

MusicBee supports Groove music and WinAmp integrations. You can stream music directly from the Groove Music catalog. AIMP, FooBar2000, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Spotify, VLC, and Windows Media Player are alternative media player tools that are compatible with PC operating systems. MediaMonkey, VLC, and WMP are media players that can run videos while the rest are just audio players.

Is MusicBee safe?

MusicBee is secure for use on Android devices and PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Clean user interface does not contain intrusive ads. Downloading MusicBee does not contain any adware, malware or spyware. MusicBee can be downloaded and installed on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.


Is MusicBee really free?

MusicBee is free to use. Additionally, the app includes plugin collection which you can install for free. The application does not offer paid updates.

Is MusicBee open source?

While the platform isn’t open source, you can customize MusicBee with skins, plugs and modes. These add-ons are made by the MusicBee community. You can submit your own supplement on the official website.

How to add music to MusicBee?

You can sync your music library from your previous music player to MusicBee. MusicBee allows drag and drop music from web browsers to the user interface. The player also has the ability to record and rip CDs.

Customization Features

AND large skins library is available on the website. You can preview the skin before you receive the design. The selected skins will be available in the user interface. You can go to the “Skins” menu by clicking the MusicBee main menu to hover over “View”. The “Skins” option will open a context menu listing your skins.

The current skin will have a check mark next to its title. You can hover over some arrow skins to get all color options. The “Add Skin” and “Find More Skins” buttons will let you install more projects. The plugin list is on the MusicBee website and you can search for plugins using the tag as a keyword in the search bar.

Plugins are available for download Lyrics for your music collection. Additional extras include cinema mode and visualiser. The theater mode options can change the look of the user interface, and a catalog of formats is available on the website. You can start a new mode by tapping the main menu in the user interface to hover the cursor over “View”. This ‘Launch the theater modeCheck the ‘section.

Lots of styles

this design styles will be displayed in the “Theater Mode” area. The “Album and artist” view allows you to see the album art, track list, and artist photo. The playlist contains information: title and duration every song. The current timestamp will be shown on the album and artist artwork. The playback and volume control buttons will be on the album cover.

This ‘Pictures of artistsThe ‘mode lets you see texts on the right side of the window. If you have multiple artist photos, the “Artist Photos” mode creates the slideshow in the background. Cover List provides a cover photo. Album music files are available on the right.

You can press the “I” button at the bottom of the window to commissioning information about the artist. “Radio List” gives you a clear view of album art and playlist. You can tap the square icon at the bottom of the screen to launch all of the artist’s albums. Additional theater mode styles are available on the website.

Popular music management program

MusicBee is an attractive application that allows you to play music in an organized user interface. Surround sound is available with this virtual jukebox. You can also listen podcasts by adding a podcast subscription to the platform. MusicBee is considered to be the best audio player for PC because of the a variety of customization functions that allow you to easily manage your music.

What’s new?

The creator of MusicBee is Steven Mayall. New releases are published regularly. Updated versions of the software provide new features and fix problems. You can submit a feature request and report a bug on the official website.



MusicBee 3.4.8033 for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 11
Languages ​​available:
  • English,
  • Spanish
Date added:
Thursday June 27, 2019
Steven Mayall

File name:

Change log

We don’t have any changelog information for version 3.4.8033 of MusicBee yet. Sometimes publishers take a while to release this information, so check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

Download MusicBee for Windows Latest Version 2021

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