Geany 1.38.0

Geany is a code writing program, compiler and editor that provides advanced encoding options and extensive support for various encoding languages.

If you’re a developer, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. One of the first tools you need to consider is a code creation and compilation program. It must be efficient and easy to work simultaneously. And right there Geany can help you.

Light and fast at the same time

One of the great things about this tool is that it is both lightweight and very fast. This is hard to achieve as some code writers and compilers can be quite large – others are quite slow too. And even if you have an average computer, you should also get good compile speeds with this program.

It is also a user-friendly encoder. It has a fairly simple interface that is free from unnecessary functions.

If you want your writing program to be clean and free from unnecessary distractions, this is good for you. There is still no compromise on tools, but you may notice this writer is losing some features.

Supports various programming languages

Geany will offer support for various programming languages. These include C, C #, Java, Python, Fortran, PHP, SQL, Matlab, XML, Perl, Shell, Verilog etc.

If you work with one or more programming languages, this feature will be music to your ears. And if you want to start a new project, you can also do so with a ready-made template that will help you get started quickly.

These templates are designed for all programming languages ​​so you will be able to start working immediately.


Geany is a versatile and lightweight code writing and compilation program that will give you an easy interface to work with. It supports many different programming languages ​​and comes with templates to help you get started quickly.

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Enrico Troger

April 13, 2022 – Free100% safe

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