Free Offline NIV Bible 1.0 Download for Your PC

Those who are interested in reading the Bible at least once a day need nothing more than to download this little app of 6.7 MB for your PC. New International Bible or better known as NIV Bible is the free offline NIV Bible for PC, the ultimate software you need to keep your religious beliefs in check.

Free offline NIV Bible
Free offline NIV Bible

Small size

Free offline NIV Bible for PC is a small app that comes with an installation file of only 6.7 MB. You can just download the MSI file and run the software without encountering any problems.


NIV Bible for PC is completely offline software. It needs some space to run offline on your PC. If you provide it, you will get started with daily stories from the New Testament.

International version

The free offline NIV Bible for PC is available in the international version, not as the original testament in Old English, Latin or Hebrew. You will not have any problems reading it every day because of the simple language.

Easy browsing

The software is made in such a way that you will be get the table of contents immediately of the New Testament and can directly access a chapter without hassle. Just click on the chapter and it will open before your eyes.

Interesting interface

The software has a book-like interface. When you click on a chapter or turn it over with arrows below the page of the book.

Search options

You can easily find a chapter instead of going through the entire book with the search option just below the left side of the interface. It gives a lot more opportunities than a real book offers. Everything is in your hand.

Minimize options

Minimizing the software is as simple as that. You can just click a button and minimize it. Unlike any other on-screen software, it gives you total control.

On-screen software

Whether you’re working on something or having fun, and are suddenly willing to go through the holy book and remember your creator, you can just open the software and read it on screen. It will not override and take the entire screen but will release itself with a small part on the screen.

Read the Bible without internet on Offline NIV Bible
Read the Bible without internet on Offline NIV Bible


  • A completely free software that can bring you closer to Jesus and Christianity.
  • It will run on screen across all programs without interrupting your work.
  • It is written in general English for your better understanding and tells the stories from the New Testament flawlessly.
  • A search option provides quick access to all the chapters you are looking for.
  • The software does not sacrifice your PC speed and gets along with other programs quite well.
  • You can even minimize the software in the taskbar and read whenever you want.

common questions

Can I download the NIV Bible?

NIV Bible is free software that can run on your device offline. The software is very small and you can just download and install it within seconds.

Are there two versions of the NIV Bible?

The NIV or New International Bible actually has three versions. The latest version was published in 2011. The other two versions were published in 1978 and 1984.

What is the best Holy Bible App?

NIV Bible is one of the best Holy Bible apps available. It is small and can be run on the screen. If you want to read it from time to time, you can also minimize it in the taskbar and maximize it as needed.

How do I get a free NIV Bible?

You can download the free NIV Bible for PC to your computer. Just download the MSI file and run it on your PC. It’s completely free and has a lucrative interface like a book. It can be your daily portion of prayers so easily.

Our use

The interface is pretty cool. It feels like reading a book on screen. But not like reading an e-book. It is quite eye-friendly and has a large spread of chapters that are easily accessible. Selected verses should be added to be easily accessible.

Download Free Offline NIV Bible 1.0 Download for Your PC Latest Version 2021

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