DirectUpdate 4.8.1 Build 7

Direct update is a DNS dynamic updater is an automatic updater which will help you make sure you are getting the latest updates without having to interact too much with the updater.

This updater is especially useful for updating the DNS dynamic account and its IP properties, which is especially useful when the IP address has changed.

It will run in the background and will continue to run even when you don’t open the app as it will run in the system tray.

Automatically create DNS updates

This will allow you to download DNS account updates easily and without too much work. Make sure you check for updates and new patches as often as possible as this improves your security and reduces the risk of data or information loss.

WITH Direct update, you will be able to do it automatically. This takes the hard work off your hands and completely allows you to complete the update without manually scanning them.

After opening the system, you can instruct this application to run on startup to perform regular scans and deliver necessary updates.

Configure DNS properties

While the primary role of this app is to run updates and search for them, you’ll also be able to change some other settings to improve your DNS account usage.

For example, you will be able to configure email notifications and FTP upload while remotely managing your DNS account using the built-in web admin panel.

It can be used from any browser and provides the flexibility many people expect when using such an application.

When you receive updates through this service, you will make sure your account is always up to date.

This will help you make sure you don’t run into any problems while using it.


Keep your DNS up-to-date at all times using Direct updatewhich is designed to automatically update your DNS.

Final version:
4.8.1 Build 7
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10.33 MB
Supported operating system
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
William Levra-Juillet

January 23, 2022 – Rehearsal – 100% safe

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