Avast Clear 21.11.6809.0

Avast Clean is a handy application that can help you remove and uninstall any Avast programs and traces on your computer when you cannot do it yourself.

When you want to remove applications from your computer, dirt and traces of applications remain on your computer. These applications leave behind traces that may take up space on your PC, but may also affect your PC’s performance.

That’s why you want to delete them as often as possible.

Avast Clean is one of those applications that can help you remove all traces left by Avast software altogether. This will help you to make sure that no traces of these applications remain on your computer and that it is free from contamination left by Avast applications.

Remove Avast Traces from your computer

Avast has some good security apps, but removing them isn’t an easy task. They are known to be particularly difficult to remove, especially because they tend to leave traces and debris that are difficult to find and remove.

WITH Avast Clean, you will have no trouble removing these traces as it will find them automatically for you.

This will make your life much easier when you want to remove all traces left by Avast applications. It can save you a lot of time, but it’s also user-friendly.

In most cases, it will run automatically as you just need to specify which apps you want to remove completely.

It supports different versions of Avast

Avast is available in various editions and this application supports various applications that can be removed. You can remove all Avast Home and Professional packages as well as their server versions.


Avast Clean helps to remove all traces left by Avast applications on your computer, which allows you to save space and remove unwanted traces from your PC.

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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
AVAST software

December 16, 2021 – Free100% safe

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