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Paid VPN service for Windows

Atlas VPN for Windows is affordable virtual private network service (VPN) that allows you to connect devices securely to the Internet. Lets you access to restricted sites based on specific locations and improves your security. In the first case, it hides your real IP (internet protocol) address, so you may give the impression that you are in a different location. It protects your data by creating what in effect is a private tunnel through which your internet traffic is routed.

There are many great VPN options on the market, so you might want to consider and Betternet as well.


WireGuard is open source VPN protocol which provides a private tunnel to your Internet traffic; is part of Atlas VPN. Since it’s a lightweight program, this keeps browsing fast and secures the movement.


Note that WireGuard does not use AES-256 encryptionso there are some doubts about its effectiveness.

Data breach monitor

In addition to protecting your internet traffic and online identity, Atlas VPN has a built-in feature that scans internet databases as evidence that there has been a data leak. This may include usernames, passwords, and email addresses. It notifies you if it detects instances where your information has been disclosed. Then you can take steps to improve the security of the respective account.

Tracking blocker

Many companies use tracking tools to understand users’ online activity for marketing purposes. They can then display ads related to previously visited websites. In addition to privacy concerns, the ads use system resources that may open on web pages, which can slow down your browsing.

Atlas VPN has built-in tracker to get rid of third party tracking problem and other browsing info sellers.


As with many VPN providers, Atlas VPN does not offer a free VPN trial. Free trials usually offer a limited sample of VPN features, so they don’t allow you to make a fully informed decision before buying.

Instead, Atlas VPN offers a monthly, annual, and three-year subscription. Everyone wears 30 day money back guarantee so you can make the most of it with no financial risk.

Our take

Compared to other VPN services, Atlas VPN does not meet the safety requirements because it doesn’t use AES-256 encryption. While data leak protection is a useful feature, it’s already built into some modern browsers like Microsoft Edge.

Like any other VPN service, Atlas VPN gives you unlimited online access, but it’s not one of the better options in our opinion, even compared to some free alternatives.



Demo version of Atlas VPN for Windows
  • Windows 10
Date added:
Monday, November 15, 2021


Change log

We don’t have any changelog information for the Atlas VPN demo yet. Sometimes publishers take a while to release this information, so check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

Download Atlas VPN for Windows Latest Version 2021

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